Mountaineering Clothing Layering – Alpine Ascents International Headquarters

Alpine AscentsMountaineering Clothing Layering – Alpine Ascents International Headquarters

So you’re ready to join Alpine Ascents International on an expedition traversing one of the highest mountain peaks on the 7 continents? You’re gonna need the right layers of clothing. Alpine Ascents, named “Best Mountain Guide Service” by National Geographic, takes beginners and experts atop Mt. Everest, Mt. Rainier, Patagonia and many more iconic destinations around the world. While at their headquarters in Seattle, Washington, Dennis Haskell discusses the clothing layers they use to conquer the highest peaks in the world. You can also click here to see Alpine Ascent’s complete gear list for one of their expeditions.

Alpine Ascents – Mid Layer


Alpine Ascents – Insulation Layer


Alpine Ascents – Hard Shell Layer – Rain Gear


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