Mentor Sessions

mentor sessionsI’m excited to announce Mentor Sessions! While on the Now tour, with Paul Brandt, I will visit select music stores to mentor, free of charge, guitarists of all levels. I am going to share my insights gleaned from years of professional guitar playing for artists such as Paul Brandt, Carrie Underwood, and many others.

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Mentor Sessions – What To Expect:


•playing and performance evaluation •career advice

•appropriate gear and tones •tips and tricks


 Mentor Sessions – What To Bring:


•DVD or YouTube video of live performance(s), MP3’s of studio or home recordings

•an instrument •any and all questions


Perception is reality…do others see you the way you hope they do? Are you presenting yourself to your fullest potential?


*ED EASON – Currently on tour with Paul Brandt and Carrie Underwood

*TV Performances Include: Grammy’s, Saturday Night Live, American Idol, Leno, Letterman,

Conan, People’s Choice Awards, and countless other TV and Award Shows..

*2010 Toured in front of 1,000,000+ 

*Performed with artists who have collectively sold over 17,000,000 CDs

*Endorsements include: Budda, PRS, Gibson, McPherson, Bad Cat, Peavey, Celestion, Line 6


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