I’m Going To Mentor Two Guitarists…The Mentor Quest Challenge.

Mentor QuestI’m going to mentor two guitarists over the next month. Are you a guitarist or know an aspiring guitarist? Sign up  for Mentor Quest‘s Newsletter by clicking on this link bitly.com/wji8Jw and forward this link bitly.com/wji8Jw to as many people as you like. When 200 people have signed up for Mentor Quest‘s Newsletter I will pick 2 people. I will mentor, free of charge, either yourself or somebody you know once a week for the next month via skype, email, phone, or in person ( if in the Nashville area )…I will evaluate playing, give tips, tricks, recommendations, answer guitar questions, answer questions about the music business, etc… Click and share this link bitly.com/wji8Jw to join the journey.

More about me…

I started playing guitar when I became a teenager with one goal,  to grow up and play on stages and arenas around the world. I’ve played guitar for artists who have sold more than 17,000,000 records. Artists I’ve worked with include Carrie Underwood, SHeDaisy, Paul Brandt, Matthew West and many more. Performed on The Grammys, Saturday Night Live, Letterman, Leno, American Idol and just about every TV and award show in between.


The Mentor Quest Challenge….


Can you imagine a family having financial struggles and an accountant from the church body mentoring them on their finances? Do you think that family will be forever thankful and willing to listen to spiritual truths now that they have been helped out of a financial pit? Can you imagine how you would feel if you were a struggling small business owner and a successful business man from church took you under his wing and mentored you to success? How about a mechanic taking a young man under his wing teaching him a trade for use in a career? The possibilities are endless. There is so much depth and potential in mentorship, it’s staggering.

I can’t imagine my life without mentoring. I can’t imagine all the lives that can be forever changed through mentoring. Lives completely rocked. I dare you to imagine. I challenge you to take that first step towards mentoring. I promise, it is one decision you will never regret….

I’m going to accept that challenge…


Ed Eason

[email protected]






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