How to Choose a Rifle – Pt.2 of 3 – Wood vs. Synthetic – Remington Headquarters

How To Choose a Rifle – Wood vs. Synthetic

In this second of three videos “How To Choose A Rifle“, Daniel Cox, product manager at Remington, discusses wood vs. synthetic gun stocks. Daniel discusses the pros and cons of each. Being a guitar player, I admire finely crafted wooden instruments but after sitting with Daniel, I must say I completely see the value of synthetic rifle stocks. Daniel even demonstrates how you can buy a finely crafted wooden stock and swap the stock for a durable synthetic stock with just the turn of a couple screws. You can have the beauty and craftsmanship of a wooden stock and keep it protected while putting the abuse on a synthetic stock made to handle all the elements you can throw at it.

How to choose a rifle is not as complicated as it can appear at first. After meeting with the guys at Remington at their headquarters in Madison, Nc. I now feel better equipped and informed as to what to look for when buying a rifle. I used to go to gun shops, gun shows, or search the internet and be overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite number of calibers, terminology, etc., but now the mystery is gone.


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