How To Buy A Bow – Matt McPherson CEO Mathews Bows

Mentor – Matt McPherson, CEO of Mathews Bows, the worlds largest bow manufacturer in the world, talks about how to buy a bow. In this video we discuss your individual needs, hunting vs. target shooting bows and more. After watching this how to buy a bow video be sure and watch Matt’s other mentor how to videos as well as his mentor discussion videos.

More information on Mathews Bows or McPherson Acoustic guitars.



  1. Leslie says:

    It is my privilege to write the first comment about this wonderful guitar player, husband, daddy, friend and adopted family. Ed is not only trullly a terrific Guitar player but he was and still is one of the most special parts of my life. My dad had the privilege of being one of Ed’s mentors growing up. He his brother made our family complete. I can’t and don’t want to imagine our lives without those Eason boys and the true blessing that they were and are still to our family.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Leslie, I can’t imagine my life without you and your family. You guys were a miracle to us! I can’t wait to share my mentor story about your father.

  2. Deb Colgrove says:

    Finally had a chance to look at your project Ed! Great job! Kent and I have enjoyed our time spent with you and hope you learned a thing or two about deer hunting Nebraska! You are welcome in our home, store or hunting camp anytime! Keep the passion! See you next time you get through our “neck of the woods”!

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