Four Essential Outdoor Knots with #1 Best Selling Knot Author John Sherry

Essential Outdoor KnotsFour Essential Outdoor Knots with #1 Best Selling Knot Author John Sherry


Have you repeatedly flipped open various knot books only to be overwhelmed with the vast array of knots and their functions. Repeatedly, I’ve thought if only an expert could tell me a few essential knots to learn. Forget the rest, focus on these. In this series of videos John Sherry, author of the #1 best selling knot guides in the USA does just that. I asked John, if I were gonna learn just 4 knots what would they be. I’m sure there might be some differing opinions but this gives us a great jumping off point. John’s waterproof knot guides have been used by the department of defense, U.S. Customs and can be found at Bass Pro, Cabelas, and everywhere in-between as well as a best selling phone app.. John’s guides have been teaching the world to tie knots since 1993. Featuring easy to follow knot tying illustrations and animated knots for tying the appropriate knot for your needs.


Essential Outdoor Knots #1 – The Bowline Knot

“One of the most useful knots you can know. The Bowline forms a secure loop that will not jam and is easy to tie and untie. The Bowline is most commonly used for forming a fixed loop, large or small at the end of a line. Tried and tested over centuries, this knot is reliable, strong and stable. Even after severe tension is applied it is easy to untie. However, because it does untie so easily it should not be trusted in a life or death situation such as mountain climbing. It is said to retain 60% of the strength of the line in which it is tied.” *


Essential Outdoor Knots #2 – The Sheet Bend Knot

“The Sheet Bend is a useful knot for tying two ropes together, even when rope sizes and materials differ greatly. It is suitable for most non-critical applications. It is important that the tag (free) ends of both ropes of the sheet bend be on the same side of the finished knot. For more security use the doubled version (Becket Bend) which is the same as the single version but with an extra coil around the standing loop.” *


Essential Outdoor Knots #3 – The Trucker’s Hitch Knot

“Use the Trucker’s Hitch to cinch down a load. This combination of knots allows a line to be pulled very tight. Probably the most useful hitch there is, the Trucker’s Hitch allows a line to be pulled tight as a guitar string and secured. It is used by truckers to secure heavy loads in place and works equally well tying canoes and other objects to the tops of cars. Once the line is pull to the desired tension using the pulley effect of the loop in the middle of the line, the knot is secured with a couple half hitches around one or both lines.” *


Essential Outdoor Knots #4 – The Buntline Hitch Knot

“Use this knot to fasten items such as snaps and rings to rope or cord. Forms a small, neat and very reliable knot. Simple and effective, the buntline hitch dates to the age of sail where it was used to secure buntline to the foot of the sails on square-rigged ships. That the Buntline hitch was the preferred knot speaks to its security and reliability. Once set, repeated jerking tend to tighten it further rather than loosening it. It forms a very compact and reliable knot. It has gained in popularity in recent years due to its performance in slippery modern synthetic lines.” *


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