Chuck Buck – CEO Buck Knives – Message in a Box


Did you know that every Buck Knife comes with a personal message from Chuck Buck, CEO Buck Knives? I’ll give you a hint about that message….It’s becoming increasingly unpopular and most companies would shy away from having such a message that would hope to impact lives…Watch to hear Chuck talk about each message in a box as well as share a story about how that message radically saved a life…


Click here to take a private tour of the Buck Knives factory. See the Buck 110 and more as they are hand assembled by people…not mass produced by machines.

Be sure and check back soon for more videos featuring Chuck Buck, CEO Buck Knives. In the meantime you can check out other Mentor Discussion videos.

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Chuck Buck



  1. Micah Yarger says:

    Such a wonderful message. And truly Buck Knives are the best.. No doubt there.

  2. admin says:

    I agree Micah, great message indeed. Thanks for the message.

  3. Jack Spitler says:

    great stuff

  4. Jack Spitler says:

    Buck has provided tools and support for field operatives at JAARS for decades…great equipment when and where you need it.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Jack. That is great to hear about Buck’s support of JAARS. Thanks for letting others know about their support for you guys.

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